Processes and services

Pre-press / dummies

We have the most modern layout equipments and we design the ideal prototype for every kind of product before the manufacturing of the end folding carton boxes. In the pre-press stage, our team has the best technological tools as far as digital systems are concerned, and our only aim is perfection in the image adjustment in order to get the optimal printing.


We have a wide range of offset printers that allow us to carry out any kind of work in the best quality. We print with acrylic or UVI inks, on every kind of cardboard and using the latest technology.

Special finishes

Our philosophy is to add value to the product in order to improve its sales. To get this, we offer a few series of special finishes which will awake all the five senses of the consumer. We offer the possibility to create a more attractive pack whether it is high or bas-relief, printing in different colors, placing a window so that the product can be seen, polyester rolling, mate-gloss-soft touch coating or textures on the cardboard.


The efficiency of our automatic die-cut lines allows us to make at the same time, depending on the design, reliefs and nailings which might improve the look of the final product. This makes the later folding process mechanically impeccable. Our machines can be adapted to all kinds of folding carton boxes with different setting possibilities.


We have multi format machines, which allow us to carry out any kind of folding- gluing of folding carton boxes in a perfectly controlled way; with disk-glue application, injectors, with ecological adhesives, and depending on the supports, with water and hot glue base. Additionally, our machines are equipped with plasma equipments for supports which are not easily folded. They are also equipped with a security system similar to the binary bar code scanners which guarantee no mix (crossed contamination).

Quality control

All the production processes are revised by the quality department, and only after its approval the product can be taken to the next process. This revision is carried out a second time at the end of the production cycle in order to guarantee that the product completely meets the requirements of the customer. In Leca, the implication for quality goes beyond the rigorous fulfilling of its requirements and gets to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which certify good practices in the manufacturing process. The commitment of all the staff with quality leads to the Lean Manufacturing, a tool which allows a continuous improvement in our processes.